Pandora 1.5.8 is available now!

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Pandora 1.5.8 is available now! Empty Pandora 1.5.8 is available now!

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:23 am

Greetings Everyone!

This new update includes some additions to your filters-arsenal. First there are new Notify Application templates:
%MESSAGE_FILE_TEXT_HTML% means - Save message HTML text version to a file and then use that file path as one of the parameters.
%MESSAGE_FILE_TEXT_PLAIN% means the same as the above only for plain text version of the message.

So if you want to, say create "Send to Browser" functionality use something like this:
Type: Manual
Criteria: From contains @
Action: Notify Application (Your web browser)

The extension for html message files is html, and for plain text files is txt. For the original %MESSAGE_FILE% template - the extension is eml.
(Note, to associate Pandora's Message-File Viewer aka Greek Message Viewer with eml-files, go to 'Settings/Message-File Viewer' and check corresponding and the only check-box.)

If you already have default application(s) associated with eml/html/txt files, hold down the Shift key while pressing "Notify Application" button and Pandora will let Windows open those files with it's registered app.

Second, now you can fire-up manual filters at will, individually and out of order. To do so hit 'Message/Apply Filters/[Manual Filter]' from the main menu.

The most requested feature was the ability to select multiple personalities and stationary and select the common action, which is now available.

Finally, now it's possible to specify outbound ports manually. For more detailed overview please see the Release Notes.

Regarding the 5 months break - news of my death were greatly exaggerated. As it took around 2 years for Pandora's initial development - the other apps were set aside a bit. So it was necessary to keep up with Delete Duplicate Files, DDWLM and those other projects. Now we are getting into our standard tempo and if Pandora remains in demand I'm there for a long haul.
So tell your friends about Pandora and have a great weekend!


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