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Post by rnm on Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:16 am


I have a number of messages for our organization, all of which are now of "past importance" because of a new leadership etc. I'd like to export them into a document (probably a PDF or something) which can be stored and accessed by future board members as approprite, but is out of the main data files so things are less cluttered.

Any ideas on this? Is there any way to export a group of messages, with minimal headers and stripped of all the extraneous headers, into a single file?




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exporting messages Empty Re: exporting messages

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:20 am

That's a good question. There is no "out of the box" way to do it, yet. However, you can do this:
1. Copy all messages and mailboxes you want to archive to a new mailbox, say "Archive".
2. Close Pandora, browse to main data folder and locate Archive.mf.
3. Move Archive.mf to a new empty main data folder, say B:\Backup\Archived Mail
4. Copy all configuration files from the root of your main data folder to "Archived Mail" as well.
5. Create Pandora shortcut for B:\Backup\Archived Mail.
(Example: C:\Program Files\Pandora\Pandora.exe -data="B:\Backup\Archived Mail")
6. Start Pandora from that shortcut and enter Offline Mode.

That way you can access and browse archived mail as you normally do, use search and further organize.
At the same time, it's out of the way.

If it has to be pdf, you can install printer-driver for pdf documents and just "print" messages to a new location.
[Now Pandora supports inclusion of message info inside headers/footers which is handy for corporate environment.]
Of course manually printing one message at the time will be excruciating.

As for the "yet" from the beginning - there will be "Archive" item on a tools menu, and you'll be able to bulk-archive with a single click.
Regarding pdf - Last time we worked with Adobe's source/APIs it worked like a charm - but for plain text only. HTML > PDF we'll have to see about that.

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