Pandora 1.66 Released

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Pandora 1.66 Released  Empty Pandora 1.66 Released

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:07 am

There is again 1 critical bugfix, Find Filter feature and - windows management overhaul (which was cut short a little bit because of the mentioned bugfix but will be back in part II).

Among other things you'll notice different tiles layout (when invoked from Windows window). The thing is, if there were more than ~4 open windows, those small non-overlapping tiles were just not very useful. Since there are 2 types of principal serialized windows in Pandora - mailboxes and messages, new tiles are:
In the left/top part of the workspace there are overlapped mailboxes, and
in the right/bottom half - messages (overlapped).
The old school (framework tile) is still available when invoked from Windows menu and in conjunction with left Shift.

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