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Pandora Slow ToCheck Mail Empty Pandora Slow ToCheck Mail

Post by GeorgePBurdell on Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:53 am

Long time Eudora user, trying Pandora. I find that it takes a LONG time - several minutes - to check a single mail account. Once messages are retreived, it appears to be functioning correctly but the connection time is excessive. I haven't found anything in the settings that would appear to have a bearing on this, but perhaps I'm missing something?

Suggestions/advice welcome.



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Pandora Slow ToCheck Mail Empty Re: Pandora Slow ToCheck Mail

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:29 pm

Jeff, send us the bug report so we'll go from there. When you hit "Help/Send Feedback/Report a Bug" a new message is generated with some system specs. Add to that if you will:
Account Type: POP/IMAP
Authentication Used: Basic/APOP/MD5 etc
Using SSL: Yes/No
Anything else you think might be relevant.

Note. When you download messages for the very first time (post installation/after adding new account), that's ok,
that may take up to few minutes depending on the number of messages on the server. If however,
on the next check it takes that long again, definitely contact us.

One thing that won't be included in Bug Report specs is, and relevant for network latency, round-trip time, here is how to obtain it:
1. Open the command-prompt, and type:
ping [your pop/imap server address]
ex: ping
2. Hit Enter.
3. Copy the time value, it looks like this: time=63ms
4. Paste it into the bug-report.

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